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Self-Relfection on the Process of Inquiry

29 Apr

Looking back on the process of inquiry I traveled through to create my previous post (a cinematic inquiry presentation), I have realized that I learned a lot more than I initially thought I could. In completing my presentation, not only did I uncover aspects of the film I needed better understanding of, but I also apprehended quite about the research process.

In approaching the assignment, I started by making a list of questions concerning that which I did not comprehend in the film Being John Malkovich. I decided, in the end, to go in the direction of Jungian theory, which was the concept that most interested me. I appreciated that I was allowed the freedom in this assignment to explore the topic that most interested me. I enjoyed relating Jungian theory to the film and the characters within it because it revealed a lot about the film to me. It also helped me understand some of the deeper roots of the characters and the direction the film was going. It was a way to relate what I was learning in class to the film.

Using Prezi to create my presentation was something new to me, but in the end I came to love the creativity it allowed me to harbor. Different from a written paper, I was able to use media and a creative flow to get my research out there. I decided to use a tree being watered as my theme. I used the sources as the water, Jungian theory as the roots, and the application to the film as the tree branches and leaves. I felt that the theme was an important piece of how the information I obtained was portrayed. The multimodal Prezi gave me many options and modes to relay my research to my audience.

This process as a whole taught me a great deal about research. I am an indecisive person and I have always known that. I realized during this project how important it is to make a decision. It took a while to settle on a topic and I learned that it was important to do that in order to find structure. With so much freedom (regarding the topic and the direction you choose to take it) it is necessary to find some structure so you can create something that is directed. The quicker you pick the topic the more structured your thoughts and research can be.

For the sake of future research, I learned not to limit myself to just one method and also that I need to be more aggressive with my research. There is so much to learn and so many directions to take and I feel that I need to let myself dive into research much more thoroughly. I know if I allow myself to go deeper, I will achieve better results from the process.