The Value of Happiness

11 Mar

When I look at a child, I see their passion, their desire for knowledge, their curiosity, their imagination, and their free spirit. When I look at a child, I know I chose the right major. When I look at a child, I smile and imagine myself happy for the rest of my life, doing something I love. When I look at a child, I am positive that I want to be an elementary teacher.

There are good teachers…and then there are not so good teachers. That very idea leads me to think, if they do not absolutely love teaching, why do they do it?

So I have started to think what if everyone could be happy? Well, they can. I believe that we would live in a better place, a better world, if everyone did what his or her heart desires. Just do what you love.

There have been many people, places, and experiences in my life that have influenced the way I feel about careers. As a freshman in college I have settled into my Integrated Educational Studies major at Chapman University. I haven’t always wanted to teach. It is almost that it has always been in my view but I have not always acknowledged its existence. For quite some time I wanted to be a lawyer, I even got voted best attorney in my mock trial case. I moved into the social sciences and started thinking about Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science. I started my freshman year at Chapman with a major in Sociology and soon there after, found my way to the College of Education. You know you are in the right major when you love your core classes. After all that time, I have found what I love.

I volunteer taught preschool religious education for two years at my home church, All Saints Parish in Puyallup, Washington. Along with that I did many other volunteer projects within my church. My religion, something incredibly important to me, has strengthened my heart for service. Throughout high school I did a lot of volunteer work and the more I did, the more I loved serving. The teachings of my faith have deepened my understanding of what it means to serve and it is something I love. Now, I am lined up for a career in a helping profession.

I love to help. I found what I love. I found my passion. I am following it. Don’t be afraid to follow yours.

My least favorite thing to hear is, “you know teacher’s do not make very much money, right?” I know and I can honestly, 100% say…I do not care. I know that as an educator, I will make enough money to live. I will make enough money to have a healthy and full lifestyle. I would much rather do what I love than take up space in another profession.

You have to understand that, as much as you might believe that money is important, it is not. You don’t need endless amounts of it, to spend on useless material objects, no matter how tempting that sounds. Like the famous phrase goes, money can’t buy you happiness. I am quite certain that there is a large number of people on earth that do what they do because someone told them that their dream wouldn’t get them anywhere. Money will not buy your happiness but passion can bring you to happiness. Just do what you love.

So my faith, my relationships in working with others, and my heart have all led me here. I believe that happiness will get me to places that money cannot.

If I am not passionate about teaching, how I am supposed to expect my students to be passionate about learning. All I know now is if the people of this world spend more time doing what they truly love, our world will be a better place.

“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” – Jack Kerouac


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