Childhood Dream Analysis: The Bouncy House World

22 Feb

This reoccurring dream, from my childhood, is one of the only dreams I can fully remember in detail.

I was kid, maybe 8 or so. I was at a carnival/fair and I was with my family. This family included my parents, my sister, my dad’s brother, his wife, and his kids. We all directed our attention to the bouncy house and we all decided to enter. This bouncy house was no ordinary bouncy house; it was almost a bouncy world. Normal life happened in the bouncy house just as it would outside at the actual fair. I saw bouncy forests in the distance and bouncy shops. As my family and I proceeded on, I saw a bathroom to my left and decided that it would be an opportune time to go. So my uncle stayed back with me as the family went on. There was, randomly, a milkshake stand to the right of the restroom, which my uncle was planning to go to while I was in the bathroom. A few minutes later, as I had come out of the restroom, my uncle was nowhere to be found. He, along with the rest of my family, had left me. I was alone, deserted in a bouncy world confused and lost. It was as if, at that moment, all human beings had disappeared. So, I trekked along down the road, which lead into the bouncy forest. From the road to the forest I had to take a few steps down and as soon as I got down to the forest a clown jumped out at me, hit me with a rubber mallet, and squirted me with one of those plastic flowers. In that moment I feared the position I was in (and actually, I am very surprised that I do not fear clowns to this day). The next thing I knew, I was walking towards and end. The end in sight was a vortex that I jumped out of. The dream was over.

One visible archetype of my dream is “the child.” I was a child at the time when I had this reoccurring dream and I possessed the characters of a child.  I showed the inability to be on my own, the need for support, the need for guidance, and the curiosity to wander.

That simplicity of being child also led to the depths of my unconscious. Thinking back to my abilities as a child, I do not feel that I was able to bring about feelings of my unconscious or recognize them in any way. Whereas today, I might be able to pick out pieces from my inner self that lead to my beliefs, actions, or feelings. Looking back on my dream now, I am able to recognize the exigency that manifested my dream.

In my own unconscious in the state of this dream, I see this abandonment as feelings of being abandoned in my life. This dream was a reoccurring dream I only had when I was on vacation with my family, to visit my family, in Mexico. The problem with my vacations were that I was often left back at the house while my family, the majority being adults, all went out for the night (and sometimes the day). So, because of that, there were many days were I was left by myself and left abandoned. To my conscious self, it never felt like my family was purposefully deserting me. Rooted in my deep emotions though, were lost and lonely feelings.

To relate my dream back to the collective unconscious, I am of the belief that feelings of abandonment are common to a lot of people. Some feelings are surfaced and others are always deeply kept within the inner self. There has to be an instance of abandonment in everyone’s lives, even if it is the smallest thing. In Freudian terms we have the ego, the conscious self, and the id, the unconscious self. Whether or not a person’s ego wants to realize it, their id will harbor the feelings of abandonment for any particular situation. Be it big or small.


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